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Out of Africa restaurant in Manly

| Restaurants | 2 July, 2012

Out of Africa restaurant in ManlyOn the night we went to Out of Africa restaurant in Manly, with a small group of friends for dinner, it felt anything but Africa.  The rain was pouring and Sydney looked more like the rainy season in Bali.  But on entering the restaurant with its warm colour and terracotta flooring, we were instantly transported to somewhere Out of Africa.  There were wonderful African/Moroccan printed cushions on the chairs and Moroccan hanging lamps also a large photo on the wall of child and father that could easily be the owner. The place was relaxed and everyone was very comfortable so we were looking forward to our night of good food, good wine and lots of laughter and gossip.

The food – there’s some traditional tagines and couscous dishes as well as modern mains on the menu.  We shared a Mazza Plate to start – tasty marinated and roasted vegetables – just enough to tame the tiger (had to use that word at least once in this write-up of Out of Africa) while we eased ourselves into the night.  We then opted for classic Moroccan dishes – a couple of us shared Coucous Royale – marinated lamb, chicken and beef merquez sausages served on a sizzling plate with the lightest grains of couscous with chickpeas that looked as delicious as it tasted.  We also tried the Fish Turban Tagine – steaks of blue eye cod in a spicy tomato sauce with preserved lemons, capsicum.  The fish tasted fresh, with dense white flesh that came away from the main bones with ease.  We also must mention how beautiful this dish looked with its jewelled colours vegetables and spices.

For the last main, we chose Moroccan Meatballs cooked in a tagine this is their signature dish – with sauce of tomato, garlic and onion and Moroccan spices – then eggs poached in the sauce before it’s served.  The verdict – this dish is a standout and well worth its status.

Normally we shy away from desserts, but after looking at the menu again we were tempted by the flourless Moroccan chocolate cake – a moist treat with nuts and dates, served warm.  Our friends went for the profiteroles – and the noises coming from that corner of Africa were loud and appreciative.

This is a perfect place to go with friends to have a catch up or a celebration.

Review by: SydneyCool.com.au

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