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Love affair with the Christos

| Cuisine, Restaurants | 24 July, 2012

Christos Pizza & Pasta Restaurant in PaddingtonI’ve been having a bit of a love affair with the Christos’ for several years now. Great pasta, pizzas and cocktails are not only what you get there, but also the “Cheers’ moment”. There aren’t so many restaurants in Sydney where you feel 100% at home, as waiters and waitresses, even owners, keep changing in the Sydney’s cut-throat restaurant scene. Only after a few visits to this iconic Paddington restaurant, you know everyone there and have one more home to go back to!

When you arrive at the Christos’, you are in for a personal care by the owner, Peter, and your appetite and personal needs are well taken care of by a cool team of good-looking waiters and chefs (make sure to check out the cute boys in the kitchen). I usually begin my night with a Margarita and Grilled haloumi. And when my spaghetti marinara – my year-long love affair – arrives, I’m in seven heaven!

The Christos’ is also a great venue for parties and functions. I’ve organised several work-related get-togethers there and all my guests have been extremely happy with the food and service, turning into regular customers themselves. After dining in the main area, you can simply move across to the bar area where you can either chill out among your friends or get to know local regulars over a round of beautifully decorated and delicious cocktails. If you see a dark-skinned Asian woman chatting with Peter in the bar area, that’d be probably me;-) Don’t hesitate to ask me for recommendations! See you at the Christos’!

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    I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with the Christos’ for several years now. Great pasta, pizzas and cocktails are not only what you get there, but als...