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Japanese Food Delivered to You right from Tokyo

| Cuisine, General, Home Delivery Restaurant | 15 November, 2015

Japanese Food Delivered to You right from Tokyo

Australia is home to hundreds of Japanese restaurants. We have always enjoyed Japanese food, but the addition of “washoku (lit. Japanese food)” to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list last year has definitely increased its already-spread fame. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the status of Japanese food is definitely set to go up – now is the best time to start learning more about it.

Japanese cuisine is so vast that it needs some categorisation. Let’s make it simple and go with “A Level Gourmet” and “B Level Gourmet”, as Japanese often do.

B Level Gourmet is everyday, low to mid budget cuisine, including super popular dishes including:

  • Ramen: Japanese noodles and the price ranges from 3-4 dollars a bowl
  • Gyoza: Japanese dumplings and often enjoyed with ramen. Priced from 2 dollars.
  • Udon and soba: Japanese traditional noodles. Flour-based udon is fat and buckwheat-based soba is thin.
  • Yakitori: Grilled chicken and other types of meat and vegetables
  • Curry and rice: Nothing like Indian curry.
  • Okonomiyaki: Japanese savory pancakes, often self-grilled with meats, seafood and vegetables
  • Takoyaki: Round ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan.
  • Nabe: Japanese hotpots.
  • Yakiniku: Japanese BBQ (but not outdoor).
  • Donburi: Japanese rice bowl dish, containing meat, seafood, vegetables or other ingredients.

Unlike in Australia, ramen, udon, soba and all these B Level Gourmet are very reasonably priced so that anyone can eat them anytime without much damage on their wallet.

A Level Gourmet is considered as sophisticated and can be quite pricy. It includes cuisine such as:

  • Sushi: Raw fish and other ingredients such as egg and vegetables served with rice that is mixed with vinegar.
  • Sashimi: Thinly-sliced raw fish.
  • Kaiseki: Traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, analogous to Western haute cuisine.
  • Sukiyaki: Japanese dish with meat and vegetables, prepared in soy sauce based sweet sauce and served in the iron pot.
  • Shabu shabu: Thinly sliced beef boiled in water in a pot, and eaten with either sour ponzu sauce or sesame source.
  • Teppan yaki: Type of cooking method where chefs cook meat, seafood etc on an iron griddle.

While sushi is considered as expensive, there are many restaurants, like sushi trains, that serve budget sushi in Japan. All you can eat sushi is also widely available. Similarly, there are quite a lot of restaurants in Japan where you get to eat sukiyaki and shabu shabu for a reasonably price.

Here is the problem, though. MyDelivery doesn’t have contracts with restaurants in Japan, who can deliver delicious Japanese cuisine to you in Australia. But you can always order Japanese food online and Tokyo-based online shop, Takaski, will deliver them to you in Australia.

Takaski offers a wide range of Japanese food, including ramen, udon, soba, curry, yakitori and more. You can also order drinks such as Japanese green tea, matcha latte and aojiru health drinks. Need desserts? Many mouth watering Japanese snacks are awaiting for you.

You can learn about herbs and spices on Takaski’s blog called: Japanese Spices and Herbs

Christmas is just around the corner, everyone. Have your dream Japanese delivered early and enjoy the festive season!

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