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Food in Australia

| General | 11 July, 2012

Food in AustraliaOwing to its ethnic mix, Australia offers the appetite a wide variety of culinary delicacies. It is no wonder then, that food and drinks are one of the star attractions of this scenic country-continent.

Australia’s population traces its ancestry to various parts of the world, from Asia to Lebanon, Scotland to Italy. Accordingly its culinary heritage has benefited from roots all across the globe. Its fertile land is farmed for vast range of freshly grown produce, including lush tropical fruits as well as vegetables to be found in colder climates. Australia is world renown for its beef, lamb and seafood. The Indian Ocean, surrounding the continent blesses it with the most succulent variety of seafood anywhere.

Thus, Australians themselves are great foodies, which is evident in the abundance of food outlets that mark its cities in e form of cafés, bistros, specialist delicatessens and supermarkets.

Australia’s list of authentic cuisine is compact, though mouth-waveringly delicious.it includes its famous meat pit, kangaroo, shark, emu and crocodile. Regional specialties include oysters from Sydney and Tasmanian Damon and milk-fed lamb.

Australian receives distinction for its fine wines as well. The chief varieties among these hail from Hunter Valley (New South Wales), Barossa Valley (SA) and Coonawarra Valley (Victoria). Western Australia’s oldest wine growing region, Swan Valley is home to delectable grape varieties such as chenin blanc, shiraz, chardonnay and verdelho, thanks to its appropriately hot and dry climate.

The beer in Australia shares the same consistency as lager, and its brand differ between states. Fosters is the most well known export variety, whereas brands like Carlton, XXXX, VB and Tooheys are the local preference.

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    Owing to its ethnic mix, Australia offers the appetite a wide variety of culinary delicacies. It is no wonder then, that food and drinks are one of the star att...

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