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5 Reasons To Order Take Away Delivery

| General | 4 July, 2012

5 Reasons To Order Take Away Delivery As someone who is both lazy and totally in love with food, you never have to convince me to order delivery. If you are not yet convinced, take a look at the following reasons to order delivery.

1. Everyone needs a no-pants day.
Don’t even try to deny it – sometimes you don’t feel like wearing pants. At the very least, you’ve got that grungy pair of sweat pants that feel oh-so-good but are completely unacceptable for public appearances. Everyone deserves to enjoy a scrub day every once in awhile. Of course, you’ll still need to feed yourself somehow. So while you enjoy the comfort of sweat pants or complete lack of pants, order some delivery and embrace the comfort.

2. You deserve to be spoiled.
There is something so wonderful about being able to get food through just a few clicks. All you have to do is place your order and food will magically appear at your door. While it’s true that anyone can enjoy this service, why not pretend this is an ultra-VIP service just for you? Spoil yourself by ordering food to be served up right on your doorstep.

3. A the unpleasant weather
Perhaps it’s raining. Or maybe it’s so hot you feel as if you are melting the second you walk away from your air conditioning vent. The point is- the weather is less than ideal and you don’t want to go outside. Let food delivery rescue you! Place and order and wait in the comfort of your own home for your delicious dish to arrive.

4. You can order enough to have leftovers
When you are in a restaurant, you tend to order smaller amounts. With delivery, you can order enough for four people even if you are home alone. You can pig out or just save yourself some meal preparation tomorrow.

5. Minimal clean up
When you order in, you can save yourself the trouble of dirtying half the pots and pans in your house. Plus, you can eat right out of the containers with plastic silverware. With delivery, you never have to dread the post-meal clean up.

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  • Daphne2013

    Oh my. 5 Reasons To Order Take Away Delivery was a good read.

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